RAKHU BLANKET NATURAL TAUPE/N1 #R02                          - R02.R02


Size: 07 x 09

SKU: R02.R02
Designer: James Tufenkian
Material: 100% Cashmere

Retail: $3,900.00
Outlet: $2,730.00

Rugs in Stock: 2
Shipping Availability: Now (2 rugs); 1-4 weeks (0 rug)


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100% cashmere blanket in light taupe

Rakhu Blanket Natural Taupe was handcrafted in Nepal with hand collected and handspun Tibetan mountain goat cashmere wool. This blanket is available in size 7x9 with a softness and warmth that is irresistible to wrapping yourself in. The color is a versatile greyish taupe, perfect for a variety of color schemes. This Rakhu Natural taupe Blanket is available for immediate shipping. The production process for these blankets is quite meticulous which involves over 600 man hours to produce because of the fine quality of the fiber. The Rakhu blankets were produced with the same respect to the environment and artisan who craft them as with all of our products. For more information about this Rakhu Natural Taupe Blanket, please use the Ask A Question form or contact your outlet sales person.

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