Introduction To The Tufenkian Outlet Design Blog

Most of our time is spent indoors: whether it be relaxing at at home or working in the office, most of us spend upwards of 80% of our time inside. With this in mind, your interiors should be inviting, comfortable and healthy... somewhere you actually want to spend most of your time! Making even a small change in your space can have a huge impact on it's look and feel and go a long way towards achieving the interior space you’ve always wanted. Whether you're looking to re-design an entire room or just make a few updates, the simplest place to begin is with the  foundation; build from the floor up. At Tufenkian Outlet we aspire to give you the best possible rug for every interior space, one that suits your needs or the needs of your clients.

We are excited to start this Tufenkian Outlet Design Blog series sharing our extensive knowledge of luxury floor coverings, providing ideas and design tips to get your project off to a flawless start. With nearly three decades of expertise in the handmade rug industry and an extensive network in the design community, we’re striving to pull our vast resources together for you to access in one convenient place.

In this Design Blog, you will find interior design tips, How-To Guides on selecting the perfect rug, a wealth of information on handcrafted carpets, important company updates and teach you how the rug you choose can be a healthy choice for your home and the environment. We'll cover everything from small home project to commercial spaces. Purchasing an artisan handcrafted area rug is also an investment and an important buying decision and it is our aim with this Tufenkian Outlet Design Blog to help you through the process by providing you with all the information you need to make sure you purhcase a rug that’s a “keeper”.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback, we always love to hear from our customers!