Hothouse Area Rugs

The Hothouse area rug is one of Tufenkian Outlet’s most popular folk inspired area rugs. The design is made up of panels of floral motifs in palettes of burnished golds, sepia and bright colors. There are a few remaining colorways of this design, all of which were hand knotted in Nepal of 100% Tibetan wool. The weave used in this design is Tufenkian’s Setana construction quality which has a slightly higher average pile height of 0.55 inches. The Setana weave is a perfect example of how beauty can be created in a Tibetan rug, thick yarn yields a plush feel and the hand carded, hand spun production of the wool allows the hand of the artisan to shine through.

The Hothouse rug design has been around for decades and customers still rave about them years later. It is also a rug you need to see in a home to fully appreciate the beauty of it. These customers were generous to share their photos of Hothouse in their homes and to share their personal notes about the rug.Hothouse Area Rugs

"I just wanted to let you know that the rug came and it is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! You wouldn't believe how well it goes in my family room - the colors and size are perfect. It makes such a warm, interesting, fun statement. I wish my digital camera weren't broken so I could send you a picture. This is just the best rug I could have picked for this space. I love it!"
-Mary, from Illinois

Rug:Hot House Terra

Hothouse Area Rugs

"The Hothouse Black Walnut arrived yesterday and it looks gorgeous! Thank you for all your work connecting us with the perfect rug for that room."

- M.F., from Canada

Rug: Hothouse Black Walnut 8 x 10

Hothouse Area Rugs

This Hothouse Midnight colorway is from a client in Lake Oswego, Oregon and brings a perfect amount of color to their living room.

Rug: Hothouse Midnight 10x14