If you recently purchased a new home or thinking about redecorating different areas of your current house, consider early on how each room will flow together. We always recommend building from the floor up as paint color, accessories, artwork, and furniture are likely to change over the years and decades, but hand knotted area rugs will continue to shine through generations of use. This is the perfect opportunity to select rugs that coordinate and flow nicely from room to room. Although you can have identical rugs to achieve cohesiveness, you can also select coordinates based on design style or accent color.

Here are a few examples from customers with images of the rugs they selected for their homes.

Match Style

This home features three rugs, Alik Tamarind (9x12), Rag Weave T224 (8x10), and Tingpa Nickle Blue (9x12). All three rugs are modern, chic, have silk content, and share similar accent colors which tie them nicely together.

Alik Tamarind is used in the entertainment room of this home. The rug seen here is size 9x12 which provides plenty of room for the sofa to have all feet on the rug. Alik Tamarind is a graceful and simple design that coordinates well with accent colors, one of the reasons it was so well suited for this home and to be used with other rugs. This rug has since sold out from Tufenkian Outlet, however there are other rugs by Clodagh, the designer of this particular rug.

Designed by Kevin Walz, Rag Weave has been a long time favorite from Tufenkian. The colorway seen here in this sitting room is Rag Weave T224, a one of a kind rug in size 8x10. Although there is no longer inventory of this colorway there are many Rag Weave rugs still available with new inventory always coming in.

The dining room features Tingpa Nickle Blue in size 9x12. The grey accent of the whimsical floral motif coordinates with accents in both the Alik Tamarind and Rag Weave rug. This is a great example of how different designs can be yet still coordinate beautifully in a home.

From the customer:

"Perfect Fits!!! All around. Thank you for your exceptional service Tufenkian Outlet."

Donna Oregon


Pair Designer Rugs

Shoji Platinum by Barbara Barry and Roulette Coco by Kevin Walz are two sophisticated designer area rugs this customer purchased for their home. Although we don’t have photos of the space, these rugs look wonderful together and we can only imagine how amazing the space looks.

A note from the customer:


  Both rugs I received look as good in person as I had hoped. The Platinum was a bit of a surprise. I knew the Coco would look incredible, but the platinum looks like it was custom made for the room. It perfectly matches that colors of the stones, etc. in that room. Very nice!"



Something a little more traditional

A pair of traditional rugs offer their own unique craftsmanship while creating a cohesive design. This customer purchased a traditional Armenian runner, Jasmine with Soumakh Red Willow size 3x9 and Zenjan Cranberry size 8x10 handmade in Nepal. This is also a great example of coordinating main rooms with transitional spaces like hallways, entryways and foyers by using a runner or smaller rug such as a 2x3 or 3x5. This is a great example to show that not all rooms need an oversized area rug and smaller spaces are a great way to coordinate areas of the home.

A note from the customer:

"Dave, Rug is here and installed. Both are beautiful. We will be back in touch with you as we continue to do the furnishings in our new home. Thanks for doing such good business."


The Unexpected

This customer made a beautiful pair out of an unlikely couple. Rag Weave Lime Zest and Chrysanthemum Pumpkin are two transitional rugs which share silk accents close in color. The different designs create a playful interaction while allowing rooms in the home to flow beautifully together. Both rugs were purchased in size 6x9.

A note from the customer:

"Hi Dave, I been buying your Rugs almost twenty years, and I use your Rugs in most of my Taiwan projects."