Side Moves Grove is shown here in size 8x10 in this customer’s master bedroom at their home in Tucson Arizona. We’re thrilled to see this rug in such a stunning space! Side Moves is a design from Barbara Barry and is no longer in production, however, we do have one remaining Side Moves rug available at Outlet. Side Moves Custom 13 is the last remaining rug in this design, it was originally produced for a custom project and although it is in perfect condition it was not used for the intended space. This rug is available in size 13x15 making it perfect for having all furniture legs on the rug in larger areas such as a great room, living room or sophisticated home office.

Here is a note from the customer about their rug:

“Dave, Side Moves Grove (designed by Barbara Barry) looks great…like it was made for the room! Thanks again for all your help.”

Kurt, Tucson AZ