The devastation in Nepal continues to grow as the second major earthquake hit May 12th, just barely two weeks after the first. The need for emergency response is ever growing, survivors still urgently need food, water, shelter and resources to start rebuilding.

Tufenkian has partnered with humanitarian organization Mercy Corps to help raise donations to aid their emergency response efforts in Nepal. The Tufenkian Foundation will match up to $15,000 of donations made to Mercy Corps through the Tufenkian Carpets fundraising page. Mercy Corps has one of the largest teams on the ground in Nepal reaching survivors with emergency supplies and evaluating conditions in some of the hardest-hit and remote areas.

Owner James Tufenkian issued this statement:

“The earthquake in Nepal has been truly tragic. The loss of life, and even more, the loss of way-of-life for perhaps millions of its people whose villages and homes have been wiped away is hard to fathom. With so much of our production taking place in Nepal, this tragedy has deep significance to Tufenkian. We are tankful to report that we have suffered no loss of human life in our work places, and although our facilities are for the most part undamaged as well, we would like to take this opportunity to help the thousand who were less fortunate.

“In order to do some small part to reach out to the people of Nepal, Tufenkian has established matching funds of $15,000 with Mercy Corps, a humanitarian organization with long ties and deep roots in Nepal. If you would like to contribute and take advantage of our matching funds, please go to:"

We are extremely grateful to our friends, employees, dealers, clients, and partners for their generosity and donations for this cause so dear to our hearts. To date we have raised nearly two thirds of our goal. We would like to thank everyone for their compassion to those in need.

We would also like to thank and give photo credit to Jasmine Avgerakis of Mercy Corps. Jasmine was in Nepal at the time of the earthquake and has been helping the team on the ground with emergency response efforts.