The process of buying a handmade rug can be complex and sometimes maybe a little stressful if you’ve never shopped for a hand knotted area rug before. There is a lot to consider, handmade carpets are an investment and resembles something like purchasing fine art for the floors. Tufenkian Outlet tries to take as much stress and worry out of the process as possible by offering a few services unique to the online retailer. Tufenkian Outlet understands the complexity of finding the perfect rug and that rugs always look different in a room than they do as a simple product image so they offer a rug in room photo service and test drive.

The rug in room service allows you to visually see what a rug will look like in your space without the hassle of installing an actual carpet. A graphic designer will insert possible rug candidates into a room photo you have sent to your sales representative and you will get to see what the rug will look like in your room. Of course rugs always look differently in person and in each space depending on things such as accent colors and lighting. To make sure the rug you purchase is “the one” Tufenkian Outlet gives each customer a Test Drive. During the Test Drive you get to live with your rug free for seven days and see how it interacts with your furniture, accent colors and as light changes throughout the day. Rugs are shipped to you free, the only shipping you have to pay is if you decide to return a rug after your Test Drive and you are only responsible for the return shipping. These two steps will help ensure you end up with the perfect rug.

Here is a note from a customer about their experience:

Hi Derek,

I LOVE the rug and it is absolutely perfect! Thanks for all your help in the selection process, it was great to be able to visualize the rug in our home via the photo on the computer and finally with the test drive. I hope to be able to make another purchase for our dining room in the near future.

Diane P., Medina OH

Name of the rug: Jozan Mediterranean 5x7