We will be the first to admit the Tibetan Stock Rugs don’t have the most appealing name, and searching for them yields well over a hundred results. This common name however is given to a unique set of one of a kind rugs well worth a second look. Whenever you see 777.ZZZ in the SKU of a rug that means it's both exclusive to the outlet site and not part of any planned collection. It may be a one off sample or it could be a rug the weavers created on their own to keep all the looms humming. These rugs represent a marvelous opportunity to own a unique Tufenkian hand knotted creation. The only other way to own something like this is to request a luxury bespoke carpet.

The Tibetan Stock rugs were hand woven in Nepal of Tibetan wool and some include silk which will be indicated in the name of the rug. The name will often indicate which weave was used to construct the rug as well. For example you will see; Tibetan (Setana) Stock Rug indicating it was woven with the Setana weave and Tibetan (Shakti) Stock Rug, woven with the Shakti weave. The Shakti weave is a more refined construction quality with a smooth finish and pile height of about 0.28 inches while the Setana weave lends more color striation and has an average pile height of 0.55 inches.

Here is a customer testimonial from a client who purchased a one of a kind Tibetan Stock Rug for their home.

"Hi Dave,
Thank you for checking on me. I love the rug! Color and pattern are just what I was hoping for. I’m thinking of ordering a second rug, a different pattern for the family room. This rug matches my dining chairs well!"

Cathleen, California
Name of the rug: Tibetan Shakti Stock rug with up to 30% silk