Old World Area Rugs

James Tufenkian started production of the Kazak rugs as a way to bring employment opportunities back to Armenia while reviving an ancient craft and preserving local heritage. He used some of the world’s oldest Caucasian rugs as inspiration for this collection which incorporate deeply meaningful symbols and motifs. The patterns and colors used in the Kazak rugs are common to what you would find in antique rugs from the Caucasus Mountain region.

The palettes of the Kazak rugs are bright and energetic which give them an old rustic or southwestern feel. The intricate detail and meaningful patterns make these rugs incredibly versatile and interesting, and work great in any area of the home, even displayed as wall art. The old world area rugs in the Kazak collection tend to be on the smaller size in the range of 3x5 to 5x7 with a few rugs available in larger sizes and runners. The smaller sizes work wonderfully in entryways to set the tone of a space, or in kitchens, bathrooms, and as accents in a bedroom or living room. The larger sizes can be used as a statement rug in a dining room, living room, den, lounge, or bedroom. The Kazak rugs are great for high traffic areas because of the durable nature of the wool and will wear beautifully over the years. These rugs also work exceptionally well at creating a sophisticated lodge look for a traditional home or vacation cabin.

Old World Area RugsThe versatile nature of these old world rugs also make them perfect gifts for special occasions like weddings or housewarmings. Each piece is handmade so they’re unique, meaningful and personal, it may be outside the traditional registry but you will be giving someone a future family heirloom.

Many rugs have been added to inventory with many more on the way so if you don't find exactly what you're looking for check back often to see what's new.