Purchasing a hand-knotted rug is a fairly big investment and making that purchase online can at times be intimidating. We have been working on improvements to the Tufenkian Outlet website including more accurate rug photography and detailed product descriptions to improve customer confidence in making a larger purchase like this on the internet. However, there will always be variations between what a rug looks like on the screen and what it looks like in person, in your home, with your lighting and on your floor.

As we continue to update rug photography at TufenkianOutlet.com our customer support team remains your best resource. They have seen most of our rugs in person and are quite familiar with design styles and common yarns used to craft the rugs. They will listen to your needs and do their best to fulfill exactly what you’re looking for. During this process they will also determine the accuracy of the photography and send you additional photos if needed. If the rugs are located in the Outlet showroom our support team will pull the rug and personally take the photos and send them to you. If the rugs are located in our New Jersey warehouse the team there will take the photos and send them to your sales representative who will then pass them along to you.

Extra photos always help and that was the case for this customer from Oregon. Ellen writes “Tufenkian Outlet, the colors are spot on. The extra photos you sent over first really did the trick. This is exactly what we were looking for. Thanks or all your help, we'll be in touch again next year.”

And don’t forget we also offer a test drive for every single rug. Try any rug out in your home free for seven days to live with it and make sure you’re in love with it. If it’s a keeper, great! If it didn’t work out you are only responsible for return shipping. Photos are great but nothing will replace getting the chance to sink your feet into a rug before you’re committed to buy it.