A note from a customer who came back to Tufenkian Outlet after trying other rug companies:


I'd like to weigh in for a minute to thank you in particular, and your firm in general. Over the past several years I appear to have lost my direction. After just a couple of orders from your company both in my name and under my firms name - all perfectly executed, I found myself using ABC carpets, Stark, and others. Without fail, items were improperly shipped, shipped late, or in one project not shipped at all.

No longer: Your professionalism, follow through, and recommendations were such a help. I never felt I was dealing with an "order taker", disinterested in what I was attempting to accomplish. The carpet did arrive in nothing less than remarkable time. It's terrific for the area I'm working with, and your description of the nuanced secondary colors were spot on. Again, I'm impressed with the extra knowledge you bring to a purchase.

Man is this note a bit formal.......I guess what I'm trying to say to you in particular is how much I appreciate your interest and time put into doing a helluva lot more than "selling" carpets.

Additionally, I look forward to a continued working relationship with Tufenkian.

Thanks so much. My life's busy. Not having to worry about every item, every vendor allows for more time for creative thinking versus tracking commitments made me realize the value of service."

Kyle M. Interior Designer Washington, DC

Name of the rug: Persian Branches #203A 8 X 10