Rug In Room Service

We know how difficult it can be to imagine what a particular rug might look like in your home. Once you get to the point where several rug ideas are under consideration and you’d like to narrow the choices before test driving a rug, we can give you a helpful concept of what a rug might look like.

If you are shopping for a rug 8x10 or larger, our Rug in Room service is provided free of charge and offers a stress and worry free way to see a rug in your space. All you need to do is send us two photos of your room which you are considering to use the rug. The photos will need to show the entire area, and any significant close-up color or design details. If possible, try to avoid strong light sources or glare. Images from two different angles are preferable to give you a better representation of what the rug will look like in your room.

We will insert the rug candidates into your room photo to help communicate what is possible before you actually purchase the rug or try it in your home with our Test Drive. For more information or to get started you can call our customer service associates at 800.928.6671

Rug In Room Service

Sales Manager David Weidkamp describes his experience helping one customer, “M.L. used the rug in room photo service and test drove a rug last fall; that first rug did not work because she bought artwork that fought with it. I kept in touch and got her to try rug in room photo again and this time she test drove the rug and it was a winner.”

The name of rug this customer ended up using in their space is Stitching Warm in size 8 x 10.