Barbara Barry was one of the original designers to partner with Tufenkian designing carpets and her subtle, elegant patterns continue to be a favorite among customers. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Barry infuses her designs with intuitive knowledge of design, light and space. The result is a carpet that can transform a room with the play of silk and wool, color and pattern.

Here are what customers are saying about their Barbara Barry Rugs:

Subtle Elegance of Barbara Barry Rugs

Maggie from Florida purchased the Raffia Blue Taupe rug in size 8x10 and says:

"Hi Dave,
The Blue/Taupe Raffia is a wonderful fit for us and we love it!! We are so happy to have it! Thank you for all your correspondence and photos related to this.
Best wishes."

Molody Citrine by Barbara Barry

"Thank you so much, my client loved the piece and we will be purchasing the rug. Always a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you!
George from California

Name of rug: Melody Citrine 8x10

Tempo Sapphire Sable by Barbara Barry

"Hi Dave,
The rug arrived earlier this week. It’s PERFECT!!! I LOVE IT. I WILL BE KEEPING IT. Thanks so much for your continued fabulous customer support. I cannot thank you enough, really.
Warmest regards",
LH from California

Name of Rug: Tempo Sapphire Sable 9x12

Tempo Stone by Barbara Barry

Vanessa C. from San Francisco, CA. purchased a 4x6 Tempo Stone rug:

"Thank you so much. We are quite delighted customers!!"