This customer purchased two responsibly made luxury rugs from Tufenkian through the Outlet website and describes their positive experience working with the customer service team. We understand there are many options to purchase rugs online but one thing that sets Tufenkian Outlet apart is our level of customer service and goal to help every customer find the perfect responsibly made luxury rug. Here is this customer’s testimonial about their experience.

Responsibly Made Luxury Rugs

"I have recently bought two rugs from Tufenkian outlet, an 8x10 Mahal Coral/Moss and a 10X14 Cinnabar Amethyst. I have known of and admired Tufenkian rugs for years. So the beauty and quality of the rugs came as no surprise. I am so in love with them. And of course, it was important to me to buy from a company like Tufenkian that is so compassionate and ethical in the treatment of employees and responsible with regard to impact on the environment.

What did come as a very pleasant surprise to me, however, is the phenomenal service from an on-line outlet. Derrek guided me through every step of the selection, delivery, repair of the Mahal, etc. For a couple of weeks, we communicated at least once a day. He always responded to each of my requests promptly and congenially. His obvious expertise and professionalism made me feel more confident about making such major purchases on-line. He is truly a delight to deal with. I couldn't be happier with my shopping experience at Tufenkian.

Yours, Kisa"