WESTERN ARMENIA KILIM                                        - 004.0511(2-0105577)
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Size: 06 x 10

SKU: 004.0511(2-0105577)
Designer: Not Available
Material: 100% Wool

Retail: $4,050.00
Outlet: $2,430.00

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A flat weave Kilim from Western Armenia

Kilim rugs are pileless and tightly interweave the warp and the weft, and produce very sharp designs that emphasize the geometry of the weave. The weft strands carry the design and color, and the weave is only visible at the ends where it emerges as the fringe. This rug features bands of color with three ejder (dragon) motifs across them. The master of air and water, dragons are stylized as clouds in many textiles and are considered protectors. This rug is dominated by reds and blues, with brown accents across the rug. It is a one-of-a-kind piece and is only available as a 6x10. If you have any questions about this Western Armenia Kilim, please use our Ask A Question form or contact your outlet salesperson. Add this Western Armenia Kilim to your cart and Test Drive it free for seven days with the Tufenkian Outlet Test Drive.

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