why are handmade rugs so expensive?Handmade rugs are more than simple floor coverings or home decorations. Handmade rugs are pieces of art — masterpieces with incredible talent and stories held in every thread. Tufenkian’s handmade Persian, Armenian and Tibetan rugs are masterpieces of their own, made with outstanding skill and attention to detail that give them value worthy of their high cost.

With many masterpieces, much of the value is attributed to the artist, and all of Tufenkian’s rugs are hand-woven and hand-knitted by the finest artisans, many of whom have had traditional carpet-weaving skills in their family for generations. These skilled artisans dedicate an astonishing amount of time to every Persian, Armenian and Tibetan rug produced, creating intricate patterns and colors by hand and ensuring each rug is of heirloom quality. In fact, the creation of each 9-by-12 rug represents 3,000 hours of work, with larger rugs requiring even more time. The high price tag often found on handmade rugs reflects the time given to each rug and ensures the artisans receive the compensation they deserve for their impeccable work.

While machines can produce rugs more quickly and at a lower cost, machine-made rugs lack the originality and charm of handmade carpets. Tufenkian’s handmade rugs celebrate the human ability to create magnificent works of art, and they highlight the small variations of each artisan’s unique hand. Handmade rugs truly are unique, displaying qualities impossible to replicate completely, and anything that’s one of a kind comes at a higher cost.

why are handmade rugs so expensive?Handmade rugs also tend to be more expensive than their machine-made alternatives because they are crafted from the highest-quality materials. Tufenkian’s rugs are primarily made of unbleached wool and silk, which offer outstanding durability unmatched by machine-made rugs. Additionally, all of the materials used to create Tufenkian’s handmade rugs are entirely natural and renewable, meaning they’ll make a smaller impact on the environment. Although the price is higher for handmade rugs with these quality materials, the rugs last much longer and do less harm to the environment than cheaper, machine-made varieties.

With the finest natural materials and unmatched craftsmanship of skilled carpet artisans, it’s no surprise handmade rugs are so expensive. The materials and people behind each rug don’t combine to form a simple décor piece; together, they create a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Although they can come with a hefty price tag, the value and heirloom quality of Tufenkian’s handmade rugs far outweigh the costs.