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An Antique Kilim rug from the Tufenkian OutletAlthough we're not sure it is true, many traditional stories claim that in the early days of the rug business, Kilims and other flat-woven rugs were used to wrap and protect bales of precious knotted rugs as they were shipped from the Orient. It is amazing to think of how little Kilim rugs were appreciated in that age, and is only harder to believe today as we find ourselves captivated by their wonderful natural dyes, masterfully hand spun indigenous wools, and designs full of power and vitality. Some call Kilim rugs primitive art, and in many ways they are. Although the designs are usually quite simple and elemental, the color pallet consists of carefully selected groups of vibrant colors, combined over and over in different proportions. The designs have an unmistakable character that has been refined over hundreds of years, with their symbolism arising from long forgotten motifs. These universal and mystical tokens still speak to something deep in our souls in a universal and mystical way. Looking at these Kilim rugs, one is often reminded of Picasso's claims that the most difficult thing for an artist is to learn to draw like a child, and just how captivating it can be when that feat is realized. Maybe that is why many are so very drawn to the power of these rugs. Antique or semi-antique, many of these Kilim rugs date back more than 100 years. The majority are from the Caucasus region, Lori, Nagorno-Karabagh, and Shirvan, along with others from Western Armenia (Anatolia). The designs and colors work brilliantly in traditional or contemporary settings and are known to pair particularly well with modern art. One look at this collection and you’ll immediately understand their appeal. Browse our selection of Kilim area rugs and Persian Kilim rugs at the Tufenkian Outlet.
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