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One of the valuable benefits of James' intense involvement in Armenia since its independence in 1991 has been the opportunity to find and purchase truly wonderful and surprising antique carpets. Of course there are the Kazaks, Lori’s, Karabagh, and other Armenian rugs that are highly prized throughout the world and there are the Shirvan’s, Seychour, and other interesting rugs from elsewhere in the Caucasus, but probably the most intriguing rugs are the peculiar finds from entirely different parts of the weaving world. Since Armenians have been rug-weaving people for at least a couple thousand years, the weaving community is an eclectic collection of peoples. Many weavers returned from years and even generations in other places, including Iran, Eastern Turkey (Western Armenia), Bessarabia, Afghanistan and more. With them, they brought treasured rugs they had made or owned from these faraway places.

Hand-Spun, Naturally Dyed, Armenian Rugs

James can't explain it, but the examples he was able to procure from these known categories tend to be truly exceptional and unusual. He thought he knew what a Hamadan, Belouch or Bakhtiari looked like until he discovered examples in Armenia that were like nothing he had ever seen before. And fantastic! Wonderful handspun wool, great natural dyes, and that rarest quality of all - character - the intense, joyful spirit you find in products woven by a person of great skill as a gift for those they cherish most. These wonderful heirlooms were treated with obvious care by their owners for years, so by and large our antiques are in excellent condition with minimal or no repairs. What a joy to find them, buy them and own them. So with a touch of melancholy at their passing from our warehouse, we set to the business of finding loving homes for great carpets. Browse our collection of antique rugs, including antique Oriental rugs, antique Chinese rugs, and antique Caucasian rugs, at the Tufenkian Outlet.
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