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Tufenkian’s unique Art Deco rug collection features many antique one of a kind rugs from the Art Deco period of the early 20th century. These Art Deco rugs were created during the international design movement which focused on bold colors, streamlined design and abstract floral motifs. Carpet production also moved into China during this period and as a result manufacturers combined traditional Chinese motifs and modern color combinations which quickly became a popular favorite. You’ll see this trend in Tufenkian’s Art Deco rug collection with overstated floral, lantern and potted plant motifs in bright bold colors. Two of the most famous Art Deco rugs produced during this period were the Peking and Nichols rugs which make up a majority of Tufenkian’s collection. The foundation threads of the Peking rugs lie side by side allowing the knots to be packed tightly together resulting in high quality and durability. The Nichols rugs incorporate more neutral tones in their designs and the knots of these rugs are turned completely sideways. The sideways knots allow for an even higher knot count per square inch creating a smooth finish. The rugs in this Art Deco collection were purchased by James Tufenkian and the combination of excellent quality and great care from previous owners have left these rugs in wonderful condition. These Art Deco rugs would be a great addition for a mid-century modern or traditional home design. Browse our collection of antique Art Deco rugs at the Tufenkian Outlet.
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