Barbara Barry Repertoire

This collection focuses on creations by California designer Barbara Barry. "I selected Barbara Barry", Tufenkian revealed, "because her signature look is serene, sophisticated and classically modern. Instinctively, I thought her ideas for design would translate fluidly nto my handmade rugs and she has exceeded my hopes for exactly that". Barry's broad range of neutral tones is complex, artistic and versatile. Her wide range of influences include nature, French design of the 1930s and modern architecture, all of which underscore her style. While most noted for her work with such Hollywood clients as Keifer Sutherland and Molly Ringwald, Barbara works equally well with more traditional clients, evidenced by her interiors for Brooks Brothers. For Tufenkian, Barbara designed essentially spare carpets which showcase the distinctive textures and striated colors of Tufenkian Tibetan Carpets. "I love the yarns in these rugs", Barbara Barry commented. "They are beautiful on their own and I tried to let that come through in the designs and coloration".
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