Border Solid Rugs

In this category we return to a foundational experience at the start of our company. It was 1985 and James traveled to a trade show in Germany, which at the time was the premier rug market in Europe. There he saw buyers queue up for private viewing of carpets that they then purchased by the container load. What was all the fuss about? It had been a long time since James had seen something exciting and new in the industry, but he was more than a rug buyer, he also had a strong sense of interior design. The feel of the Tibetan wool was a both a surprise and a delight. The rich, textured, striated fabric of these pieces made an impact on James, but the designs did not. The rugs he saw then were simple, mostly solid colors (colors not well chosen) or border designs. It was the lack of interesting design confronted James with a rare opportunity: what if he could make wonderful and wild designs with colors current or classic that would please designers and their customers? It was history in the making, within a year Tufenkian Tibetan Carpets started up and introduced Tibetan wool rugs into the USA with new colors and designs with a decidedly upmarket appeal. In this category we explore how a solid color rug can make a modern statement and see how a simple border design can be the perfect companion rug to a busy or complex patterned rug. This is the category where less is more, yet still beautiful. Browse our collection of border rugs, solid color area rugs, and other colorful rugs at the Tufenkian Outlet.
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