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Gabbeh is a generic name for this category of spontaneous and modern feeling rugs that come in many qualities. It is also a historic name applying to a specific type of course tribal weaving by an Iranian ethnic group. It is also now the name given to the least finely knotted of the pieces in the general Gabbeh category which one will see these in our selection. For Tufenkian, wool has always been the essential starting point for evaluating a rug. It has been so since James first began buying rugs. He never buys a rug without putting his hand on it and stroking it to feel the wool and understand its character. All the Gabbeh feature the same fantastic, Iranian sheep wool yarn. The wool is fantastic with a long, lustrous fiber, and carries within it the same variations in shade and character that our other Armenian and Tibetan wools display. It also has some lanolin retained, but not to the level of our Tibetan wool. The yarn is hand carded and hand spun as are our Tufenkian rugs. The yarns are all either natural colored, or vegetable dyed, which are quite stable. The benefit of the natural dye is the charming variation in colors within individual pieces (abrash) and the individuality of each piece that they contribute to. It is unfortunate that they are not repeatable, and the rugs are not programmable even if you tried. The customer for these rugs must often compromise on size or color or design in order to get the Gabbeh they need, where as in our production, most anything is possible. In reality, the designs are created and given to the weavers, but they are allowed wide latitude in diverging from the loom drawing, and they may add in some of their own ideas and inspirations. Gabbeh designs of the last decade attempt to capture the spontaneity that was inherent in the original tribal weavings for use for many generations. Large sizes are rare, and more expensive because the rugs are primarily made by nomads, and for them to carry around large looms is very cumbersome. The most traditional Persian carpets – the Gabbeh – features bold, richly pigmented designs that depict a scene or convey an emotion. As they were generally hand-woven by local artisans for their own use, Gabbehs are designed to last a lifetime if properly cared for. Each Gabbeh is not only a unique work of art, but a story passed from one generation to another. The current Embargo banning import of Gabbehs from Iran to the USA went into effect end of September 2010. Our remaining US supplies are limited, but we selected for you the best of what we could find and we know we found some excellent examples of the genre. Browse our collection of Indo Gabbehrugs and Persian tribal rugs at the Tufenkian Outlet.
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