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At its essence, modern design is about distillation. When James Tufenkian approached the development of our modern/contemporary wool rugs collection, he knew it was critical to get to the core of feeling, thought, vision or dream, and then express it in the most clean, simple and sensual way possible. The contemporary rug designs James created do this with color, shape and space to create visual and textural effects that evoke an emotional response. Within the Tufenkian Contemporary area rugs collection are several distinct avant-garde themes including handsome menswear patterns, playful abstracts and intriguing studies of the square. These contemporary wool rug designs transcend historical and nationalistic borders to engage every imagination. Tufenkian Outlet offers a large range of sizes of modern contemporary rugs including 6x9, 8x10 9x12 and 10x14. These rugs are well suited for a multitude of furniture and room styles, these area rugs are perfect for the modern home.
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