Oversized Area Rugs

Not merely aesthetically pleasing, extra large or oversized area rugs are also quite functional allowing most furniture to rest on the rug. These extra large rugs can provide the main foundation of design for a great room, large living room, a large dining room or a large master bedroom. An oversized area rug placed in a room that has hardwood or tile flooring will help define the area and will help make the room appear more cozy and inviting. Alternatively large rugs can be used in a small space to create a more “wall-to-wall” look and feel. The rug can be rich in color and pattern or soft and subdued.

Large, oversized, contemporary style area rugs have become quite popular for modern styled homes. Historically, the most popular style for extra-large rugs is the traditional Persian or Oriental style as featured in our Heriz category. These rugs were originally made for royalty and would be found in the palaces of emperors and the rulers of the land. Extra large Persian rugs became a status symbol for wealthy families in Europe and eventually in America as well. Rugs over 12 feet long are a major investment, and quality is at a premium. Our oversized area rugs are constructed by hand of the finest natural materials available. We have oversize rugs available in many styles including Semi Antiques, Traditional Art & Crafts, Modern/Contemporary, Designer, Border Solids and more. Oversized and extra large area rugs usually come in rectangular or oval shapes and are available in a variety of different sizes including our Tibetan  or Armenian rug sizes of 10' x 14', 11 ’x 17’ 12' x 16' and larger. Browse our inventory of oversized rugs, including oversized Oriental and Persian rugs, at the Tufenkian Outlet.
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