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Handmade area runner rugs are often the first rugs one encounters when entering a home, condo, or apartment. Runner rug designs often include a border, but a borderless all-over pattern is nearly as common. A rug runner will often match or complement larger rectangular rugs in adjacent rooms; these "pass across" rugs are perfectly suited for inter-room hallways, entry halls, and just about anywhere else people traverse (runners are especially long rugs and are therefore well-suited for use as hallway rugs). In particularly long hallways, though, one need not place a runner that is long enough to cover its entire span; consider splitting the difference by placing two runner rugs down the hall with a break in between. This option gives the illusion of a hallway-length runner while providing the flexibility to move one or both runners to a new location in either the instance of a move or a wish to change the look of a space by switching out the runner. The stain-resistant qualities of 100% wool runners are often the optimal solution when looking to place a handmade rug in a kitchen where spills and high traffic are more frequent. We offer area rug runners in colors ranging from soft to dark blues, true reds, crimson, berry or brick reds to oranges, yellows, greens, browns, taupes, tans, camels, gold, oatmeal, ivory, creams, and multicolored variations with many hues. Area rug runner designs may be oriental, Persian, Gabbeh, or from our own Tibetan and Armenian collections. We may not always have the actual image of the rug in the runner size posted online, so please contact a sales associate to see if additional images or computer renderings are available to confirm the scale of the design. Most rugs featured in this category are new rugs, but we have a few antique runners from James Tufenkian’s collection or other reputable sources. Runners normally start in size from 3'x5' and include a variety of sizes including 2'6"x10, 3'x8', 3'x9', 3'x10'. 3'x12' and even longer. Runners can also be up to 6' wide, and oversize or gallery size runners would be in the 4'x9' to 6'x12' range. Browse our discount runner collection at the Tufenkian Outlet.
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