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Tufenkian is about creating successful designs in multiple color palettes and a full range of sizes, so this assortment of unique rugs may be a bit of a surprise! These unexpected beauties are unlike anything else we have in our inventory, and in browsing the exclusive collection of unique area rugs in this category, you may well be one of the first people outside our company to set eyes on them. These one-of-a-kind rugs will not be found at our large-volume department store dealers, or through our small independent dealers, and most likely not even in our own company showrooms. In fact, this category gets at the very heart of what our outlet site was built for: a place to feature unusual rugs that for one reason or another fall outside of our programmed offering. This includes experimental designs or color prototypes by many of our designers including James, Barbara, Kevin, Clodagh, Mark, or Laura. It also includes unique rugs that were purchased under special circumstances, including many brought back from Iran before the September 2010 embargo. Many of the area rugs in this category hail from James’ private collection, or are rugs that were commissioned to be made with special, experimental techniques including different dyes and new materials or were prototypes of experimental colorways. This category truly represents an archive of our research and development, and these rugs are a vital part of our creative process. Although we do not aim to run a bespoke rug business, many of these one-of-a-kind rugs are an unavoidable by-product: they may be samples from our regular production process or from a project for one of our private label customers. These carpets could be "lonely customs" that did not meet original design or color requirements, but are perfect for someone who appreciates them for what they are. We may not know the color numbers used to create these rugs, but we can assure you that they were made to our highest standards of quality. So take a minute to explore the unusual, hidden gems or treasures, wild flights of fancy, rich patterns of vibrant color and unique expressions of what's possible when you're a handmade rug company that's been around for nearly three decades. Find one that works for you and remember that stock is especially limited in this category.
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