Vegetable Dyed Area Rugs

Harmonize your space with our all-natural vegetable dyed area rugs. You will find a growing selection and variety of vegetable dyed area rugs at Tufenkian Outlet. Area rugs made with vegetable dyes have more color variation in the wool creating unique one of a kind pieces with every carpet. This color variation is the result of two main effects; the absorbency of the wool and the varying intensity of the dye bath. The wool used in our carpets is unbleached and hand-spun which absorbs the natural dye in an uneven and organic way. The consistency across natural dye baths is harder to achieve because of the volatility of the organic matter so there are subtle variations in the yarn dyed in different baths. The color intensity of dye baths will also change with subsequent yarn batches, this is intentional to achieve lighter colors not just of the primary color but to create secondary colors. Once the yarn is dyed one color it will often be dyed in a second primary color to create a secondary color. The effect of this dye process gives naturally dyed carpets a unique characteristic and are easy to incorporate into a variety of designs because of the varied primary and secondary colors. The color variation is most notable in our solid colored vegetable dyed area rugs. The color variation in the wool gives the carpet natural striations, resulting in a subtle and organic look. With the placement of vegetal dyed area rugs in rooms that experience prolonged exposure to sunlight, veggie dyed rug colors typically fade in a more unpredictable fashion than metal dyed rugs, and this is part of the mystery and charm of owning a vegetable dyed rug over a long period of time.

The selection of vegetable dyed area rugs available at Tufenkian Outlet includes a wide range of categories, colors and sizes ranging from intricate details in traditional Persian Heriz, Gabbeh and antique Kilim rugs, to modern and solid designs. Our vegetable dyed 100% wool area rugs are the most natural, organic and sustainable area rugs available. Please use the Ask A Question form or contact your outlet sales person if you have any questions or would like assistance selecting an all-natural vegetable dyed area rug.
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