Pink Area Rugs

Romantic, luxurious and sweet, our discounted pink area rugs can be used in any room or design. Both regal and sensual, pink can be used as a highlight or base tone in your décor. As a tonal coral traditional arts and crafts rug, a vibrant overdyed modern rug, or a Salmonberry floral rug, all shades compliment well with neutral interiors. Pink doesn’t have to be an overwhelming color in your décor, pink can add a soft touch of opulence while brightening and opening up a space. A discounted pink area rug can be a playful and sweet addition to a child’s room, our 100% wool rugs are stain resistant, 100% natural and non-allergenic making them a healthy choice for a child’s room. Area rugs in soft and pale rose shades can be a great addition to your décor without over powering other colors in the space, making it perfect for a living room, dining room or bedroom. Handcrafted from the finest Tibetan wool, an area rug with hints of pale rose, coral, or a rich ruby-tone can amplify your decor. As with all of our carpets, our discounted pink area rugs are hand crafted in the finest fibers with great care to the environment and to the artisans who make them. Browse discounted pink area rugs at Tufenkian Outlet. Add any of our discounted pink area rugs to your cart and Test Drive it for free for seven days with the Tufenkian Outlet Test Drive.
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