100% Wool Rugs

100% Natural Wool

Durable and long lasting, our discounted wool area rugs are a perfect fit for high traffic areas of your home or office. 100% wool rugs are natural, biodegradable, and sustainable. Wool is the most common material, other than cotton and silk, used in fine oriental rugs. As a standard, this means that wool is used for the pile and cotton for the warp and weft, although older tribal or nomadic rugs such as some of our early Armenian Kazak rugs may have both a wool foundation and pile. Not all wool is created equal; some soft wools are better in sweaters than rugs!

Hand Selected Wool Rugs

We carefully choose only the best wools: those with strength, length of staple, and high lanolin content. A strong wool is firm and holds it shape. The length of the staple gives us a rug that does little shedding after the first several weeks. A high lanolin content ensures a rug that is naturally soil resistant as well as provides for variation and depth of color in the dying process. We do not bleach the wool or strip it of its lanolin, which allows our rugs to remain inherently soil and stain resistant.

Durable with Minimal Care

Our discounted 100% wool area rugs are also mildew resistant and water repellant making them well suited for areas such as a kitchen, bathroom, child’s room or other areas where spills and water usage are more frequent. We have hundreds of affordable wool rugs ranging in size from 2x3 to 15x22 to fit any space. Colors and styles vary just as much as the size, from white traditional arts and crafts to black designer rugs and everything in between. Bring durable and timeless design to your home with a Tufenkian Outlet wool rug.
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