Wool and Hemp Rugs

Bring a touch of sustainable and organic design to your home with a discounted wool and hemp area rug. Hemp is a highly durable fiber that is great for high traffic areas of your home or office. Our discounted wool and hemp area rugs are easy to clean, they can be vacuumed without fuss and spills can easily be blotted out. Hemp is one of the strongest and most sustainably grown natural fibers available, it grows in many climates and doesn’t require the use of insecticides or fertilizers so pollutants are not put into areas of harvest or production. We use hemp in our rugs for these specific qualities and is our alternative to the commonly used sisal that other rug manufacturers use. We often use undyed hemp in our area rugs to give your home a more organic look and feel which will add depth and texture to your space at an affordable price. Use one of our wool and hemp area rugs in your foyer, living room, bedroom, home office or child’s room. Our selection of wool and hemp rugs is limited but we are continuously adding new products to our inventory so check back often to find newly added wool and hemp rugs. Tufenkian Outlet wool and hemp area rugs are the perfect sustainable and durable carpet for your home.
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