Wool and Silk Rugs

Our discounted wool and silk area rugs are some of our most luxurious and plush rugs available. Rugs with a high silk content, 15% or more, and made with our premium Shakti quality weave are incredibly soft and have a smooth finish. Wool and silk area rugs can be appreciated from any angle, light will simply dance across these shimmering carpets as you move across the floor. Silk can be used to create some or all of the design elements in an area rug where the majority of the pile is wool. Some rugs blend wool and silk in a mixed-ply construction. When looking for a rug with a high sheen and luxury, choose one with a very high silk content; look first at designs such as Tempo, Crack Up, Streets of Paris, Chimera, Decca, and Astro. Most of our area rugs use natural silk obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm, but in the last decade we have expanded our natural silk options with the introduction of silk alternatives such as bamboo silk and linen. Rugs using these alternatives to natural silk will be labeled as such and can also be identified by your salesperson. It is important to consider placement of wool and silk area rugs because of the high luster, you don’t want to have the rug competing with other accents in your home and you want to make sure it complements your space. Add opulent style to a formal dining, master bedroom or elegant bedroom with one of our discounted wool and silk area rugs. We have a wide selection of discounted wool and silk area rugs to fit any interior design with sizes ranging in 2x3 to 10x16 in a variety of colors and styles. Create the luxurious space in your home that you’ve always wanted with our discounted wool and silk area rugs.
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