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The term Oriental rug is a generic term that covers a wide range of styles and countries of origin, so what makes a rug “Oriental”? The first thing to note is that there are two types of construction for Oriental rugs, pile woven and flat woven without pile. Oriental flat weave rugs are woven instead of knotted and have flat reversible sides. All the Oriental flat weave rugs available online at Tufenkian Outlet are antique rugs mostly from Armenia and the Caucasus region and were purchased by James Tufenkian. Pile Oriental rugs are by far the more popular of the two construction qualities and all rugs made by Tufenkian are pile rugs. Pile Oriental rugs are knotted traditionally from wool and can also be made from silk and vegetable fibers such as cotton, hemp, jute, bamboo, or banana leaf.

Cultural Influence

Oriental style rugs reflect design influences from cultures across ancient trade routes including China in the East, Maghreb in the west, the Caucasus in the north, and India and Pakistan in the south. These oriental rug designs often incorporate geometric patterns, floral and tribal motifs, medallions, or pictorial scenes. Oriental rugs can also be more modern and contemporary but still be considered Oriental if they were produced in these regions.

The collection of Oriental style rugs at Tufenkian Outlet include traditional and modern patterns of Chinese, Persian, Armenian, and Indian origin. Most of these rugs are antique or semi antique with the exception of our Indian rugs which are new to Tufenkian Outlet and are produced by Tufenkian via our factory in India.

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