Tribal Rugs

In the early 1960's a rug was found that shattered the claim that the best carpets were woven four to five hundred years ago. The rug was the Pazyrk, a roughly six foot square wool carpet buried over 2500 years ago in a tomb of ancient Scythian royalty. With the word 'tribal' one may think of nomads and peasants, but we cannot think theses rugs the work of a "primitive" culture. The art of fine weaving and the creativity of design and color is older than we thought. Creating works of beauty, meaning, and symbolism involved skilled hands, quality materials and artistry over two thousand years ago. Many ancient weavers would be masters of the craft today.

Bold and often exotic, tribal style decor has endured for decades. Often functioning as a statement piece around which an entire room's design or color story is built, the eye-catching colors and interesting motifs of a tribal or tribal inspired rug will add a touch of the exotic to any space. Our tribal carpets work well in environments of rustic elegance, cabin retreats, mountain lodges, libraries, and offices richly adorned with wood. Try out a piece of history today with a Tufenkian Tribal area rug and enjoy handcrafted beauty over two thousand years in the making.

Shopping in this category you will find two groupings of rugs: pieces that James has curated during decades of travel to far off lands as well as a large selection of rugs created when he restarted the rug weaving industry in Armenia. Whether created by Tufenkian or chosen by James, a culture-rich tribal rug will impart character and richness to your home's decor. 

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