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Save a the trip to the estate sale by shopping for a hand knotted rug in our our Vintage Style category. Here we give you a diverse assortment of distinctive and affordable carpets that evoke the look and feel of a bygone era. This carefully curated selection is a mixture of rugs that we've either woven ourselves or purchased from other talented artisans from all corners of the globe. A respect of ancient and antique design elements is a starting point to inform the patterns and colors we've chosen, and each rug celebrates the appearance of wear, imperfection, or repair as a source of beauty and unique character. Tufenkian Carpets has been blending the antiquated art of carpet weaving with high end fashion for nearly thirty years and growing and extensive expertise in both weaving and curation. Blending the old with the new is an ever expanding journey that infuses creativity into handmade rug design and helps guide the selection of Vintage style rugs we choose to feature. The concept of vintage can make one think of weathered or well-worn goods that show their durability; we strive to feature classic blends of glamour and practicality, not to mention playful motifs! We ask you to try our rugs at home before purchasing with our test drive process, and we invite you to experiment with an extensive array of vintage rugs to ensure the perfect fit for your space. In our Vintage Category you may find a future heirloom for your home. Shop Vintage rugs at Tufenkian Outlet today!
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