DURAHOLD PLUS Cushion Fiber Rug Pad

After you’ve purchased your hand knotted rug you’ll want to protect your investment.  We recommend Durahold Brand padding and offer custom fitting at no additional charge.  Once you’ve received your rug, take a measurement and contact us: we’ll cut the pad to the perfect size and ship it directly to you.


This dense 100% synthetic, hypoallergenic, needle punched construction absorbs shocks, improves vacuum cleaning and won’t crumble or shed.  Thermally bonded upper surface holds the rug, unique latex grid on the underside grips floor surface. Durahold is a Nonskid Rug Underlay for All Surfaces.  Durahold Plus by No-Muv can be cut with heavy scissors or a utility knife to better fit your rugs. Durahold Plus is about 1/4 inch thick. You will love this premium underlayment.

  • PADDING: The extra cushion that Durahold underlayment adds will make your walk even more comfortable reducing impact stress from each step. The rug padding is a needle-punched synthetic fiber construction which prevents decomposition and shredding.

  • NON-SLIP MAX BACKING: Dura Hold's superior natural latex rubber formulation has a new, exclusive hexagonal "tire tread" pattern. Our underlayment's enhanced design puts more real rubber in actual contact with any bare floor, no matter how slippery. Rugs are not designed to grip, Durahold provides the highest degree of non-slip traction.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Durahold is 100% synthetic, chemically inert padding which contains NO plant or animal fibers to decompose, outgas, or aggravate allergies.
  • SURFACE: The fiber cushion has a ribbed surface that grips any rug. The thermal-set ridges on the upper surface, in an exclusive pattern of chevrons, running in multiple directions, enables the pad to grip the rug more effectively and prevents lateral motion in ANY direction.
  • LONGER RUG WEAR: Rug underlayment will extend the life of your area rugs.
  • NOISE ABATEMENT: Durahold will reduce the sound created from each step and will also absorb general noise in the room.
  • ABSORBENCY: In the event of a major spill, the liquid will travel through the rug and be absorbed into the pad instead of settling in the wool.
  • Pad pricing: $2 per square foot
  • Pad thickness: 1/4”.
  • Composition: needle punched polypropylene and a natural rubber backing with hexagonal pattern. Washable, stain and mildew resistant. Guaranteed by manufacturer for 10 years.
  • All pads are cut to order (all sales final, no returns) and ship from Portland, OR.


The cushion fiber pad is a universal pad equally adaptable as a base on both hard and soft surfaces.The pad consists of a rubber-like grided side and a felt side. When placing the pad on a hard surface (wood or stone) place the pad rubber-side down on the wood or stone and place the rug on the felt side. When placing the pad on a soft surface (carpeting) do the opposite of the above procedure: place the pad felt side down on the carpeting and place the rug on top of rubber side. When placing the pad in position remember it will be between 1.5” and 2.5” smaller than the rug on all sides; in other words it’s a proportionally correct smaller version of the rug.

After placing the pad in position place the rug on the pad with the end of the rug an inch or two over the end of the pad and the sides as close to the end as you accurately can at this point – and simply unroll the rug. If the rug is folded length-wise, unroll to the end and open the fold.

Once the rug is on the pad the best way to adjust it is to fluff the rug – creating air between the rug and pad, allowing you to adjust the rug to fit correctly on the pad (evenly on top of the pad)  – otherwise it is very difficult to move. If once you place the rug evenly on the pad and you find the rug is not positioned correctly; while holding onto the rug and pad together repeat the fluffing action – this time creating air between the pad and the floor. Be advised that if you have only an inch or two to move, make your pulls as slight as possible – as there will be a tendency for the rug and pad to move much more than that. Once you have the rug and pad in the correct position, starting at the middle of the rug, on your hands and knees work the rolls out of the rug. (While being careful not to push too much off the pad and offset the rug on the pad).

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