Our No Child Labor Policy


At Tufenkian, we are very pleased to notice a groundswell of consumer interest in and support of fair trade practices. In particular, many consumers are asking about individual company policies regarding child labor. As a strong advocate of no child labor laws, we want to provide you with clear information about Tufenkian’s philosophy and practices; providing you with accurate information and answers to your questions.

Since Tufenkian’s founding in 1986, James Tufenkian and his partners in Nepal and Armenia have worked diligently to ensure that no child labor is ever used to produce any products bearing the Tufenkian name. In fact, the company has gone far beyond that to guarantee that the children of Tufenkian craftspeople and workers are cared for by dedicating a portion of revenues to establish schools, medical facilities and housing in the communities where they live.

Tufenkian’s commitment to its employees, their families and communities is clearly stated on a label secured to each carpet.

Beyond Fair Trade

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