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As part of its far-reaching social program Tufenkian carpets is dedicated to minimizing its impact on the environment. the company established the first water purification plant in Nepal for processing the waste from its facility, and for purifying the water used privately by its employees. This plant often returns water that is purer than that taken into the factory. The heat for the dye-baths - virtually the only energy consuming step of the carpet production process - is generated by oil rather than by burning wood, thus protecting and preserving one of Nepal's threatened natural resources. Extensive gardens were built around the medical complex to provide a serene environment for the healing process and to minimize the annual erosion of the surrounding hillsides during the monsoon season. "The medical facility has been a great thing for the community in Nepal, " explained Mingyur Tsering, a master weaver for Tufenkian. " Before it was built, we had to travel quite far for any medical care, even for medicine, but now our facility is so good that people from other communities travel here to use our medical facilities."

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