Our Philosophy of Style

"I set out to create carpets with the character and integrity of another time, with echoes of antiques but without fussiness or rigidity. I keep the styling very elemental, almost meditatively minimal. The material I begin with is so great, yarns that have a inherent beauty unto themselves, that there's no need to over-impress with ornamentation."

                                                                                                          --- James Tufenkian

James Tufenkian conceived the category of decorative handmade carpets and continues to explore its potential with new creations each year. " My styling philosophy," James explained at his Manhattan headquarters, "Is a constant while its range of expression is boundless. " Tufenkian style is accessible, but never ordinary, and his range of influences runs from ancient and ceremonial designs to visual elements from museums, magazines and movies. James designs with computers and this advanced technology, particularly for pattern making, has helped him create a very modern look without upsetting the integrity of a very ancient art.

Tufenkian strives to create surprising beauty by constantly mixing in new colors and drawing on new design inspirations to create his distinctive textures and moods. Tufenkian's design often refers to the familiar, although in a dreamlike, iconographic way. The style is relaxed and elegant, spare and comfortable. The point at which Tufenkian departs from the tradition of the great oriental carpets of the past is in opting for an inviting warmth rather than terse formality.

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