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High in the Himalayas, close to the sky and with nature at her most imposing majesty, the ancient Tibetan art of rug making has been passed from one generation to the next. This craft tradition has migrated from one culture to another by virtue of the talented hands of Tibetans exiled from their homeland now settled in Nepal, where the Tibetan carpet making tradition continues. " What I discovered," Tufenkian remembered, " was that the tradition of Tibetan handmade carpets was sadly compromised in many production facilities, both the materials and workmanship lacking integrity. The designs I envisioned required a fine and sophisticated level of hand craftsmanship. I believed that by combining a dedicated design vision with breakthroughs in the dyeing process that we could launch a renaissance of Tibetan carpet weaving. That's why when I saw Tsetan's exquisite work I didn't try to negotiate a production contract - I simply asked him if he would be my partner. There is no escaping the fact that fine materials and craftsmanship empower the design."

The art of making Tibetan carpets by hand using the finest materials is cherished by Tufenkian. Each carpet is carefully crafted using traditional techniques, virtually unchanged from time beyond memory, in the service of contemporary design. The glowing imperfections of natural materials and the variations of the human touch are celebrated by Tufenkian in every stage of the process, the result of a commitment to promote individuality and inspiration. Truly, each carpet is unique itself, conceived in a journey through a sea of human hands weaving it into existence.

"Weaving is an exercise in patience that we cannot begin to imagine in our frenetic, modern world. But somehow it fits comfortably in a workplace where the only sounds may be the loom, and the song of a family at work."

                                                                                                                                             James Tufenkian

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