David, We are both happy campers! Thank you so much for your help in getting the perfect rug to us so rapidly.

 - Maggy

Magic! Way above and beyond. And much appreciated. Thanks. 

 - J.Q


Thank you, just received email from UPS after I emailed you!!  Such efficiency!!  Best, Gabriele


Jacksonville, Florida  

Hi Dave,

The rug is down and looks terrific. Plus, I'm so happy with the amazing deal I got on it. Once again, thanks so much.

Janice, Florida
Name of Rug: Checkerboard Mahogany 9x12

 May I just simply take a brief moment to give your designers a very... No, I think I'll use the word *extremely* high compliment and say that I have spent hour after hour today looking for an outdoor carpet. I've been on the Internet looking at the many websites in my search. I'm feeling tired, a bit frustrated, and I'll describe my present attitude as very *grumpy* :) My focus was spot on ~ until my eye's are so tired they're starting to cross, in my continued pursuit to find at least 1, preferably 2 (so there's somewhat of a choice)to show the wife when she comes home. And I've got to say it's been difficult at best to even find 1... And then, like the light at the end of the tunnel, I clicked on your site and *wha-la* your Page 1 came up on my screen & OMG !! :) The designs are a wonderment of design and color blend.!. Looks like a granite wall in a breath-taking piece of nature or an expensive painting on a wall! Sir; Your design team is incredible! Sooo many choices. Sorry it's so long, but I simply wanted to pass that along :) Have a great w/e!
Larry, Oregon

Hi Dave,

The rug arrived earlier this week. It’s PERFECT!!! I LOVE IT. I WILL BE KEEPING IT. 
Thanks so much for your continued fabulous customer support. I cannot thank you enough, really.

Warmest regards,


Name of Rug: Tempo Sapphire Sable 9x12

Rug is here and installed.  Both are beautiful.  WE will be back in touch with you as we continue to do the furnishings in our new home.  Thanks for doing such good business.  

Theresa, CA

Name of rugs :Jasmine with Soumakh Red Willow 3x9 and Zenjan Cranberry 8x10

Samkara BarleyDave,
The rug we bought looks fantastic in our living room.

Virginia, USA

Name of rug: Samkara Barley 8x10

Dave,Montrose Blue Mist
Thank you, you and your team have been wonderful. I really appreciate everything. The test drive program is a great idea but it wouldn't work as well as it does if you and your colleagues weren't so dedicated. Please give my best to Derrek.


Name of rug: Montrose Blue Mist 8x10

Dave,Roulette Cocoa

Both rugs I received look as good in person as I had hoped.  The Platinum was a bit of a surprise.  I knew the Coco would look incredible, but the platinum looks like it was custom made for the room.  It perfectly matches that colors of the stones, etc. in that room.  Very nice!


Name of rug: Roulette Cocoa and Shoji Platinum Shoji Platinum

Derrek's service and the site pricing are excellent and I plan to continue shopping with you in the future.

Sabrina C.
East Greenwich, RI 

Name of rug: Deco Panel Fresco 12x16

M.L. used the rug in room photo service and test drove a rug last fall; that first rug did not work
because she bought artwork that fought with it. I kept in touch and got her to try rug in room photo again and this time she test drove the rug and it was a winner.

Name of rug: Stitching Warm 8 x 10

The Hothouse Black Walnut arrived yesterday and it looks gorgeous! Thank you for all your work connecting us with the perfect rug for that room.
- M.F.

Name of rug: Hothouse Black Walnut 8 x 10

Thank you so much . . . my client loved the piece and we will be purchasing the rug. Melody Citrine
Always a pleasure doing business with you.  Thank you!

Name of rug: Melody Citrine 8x10
Dave,Pebbles Orchard
Your service was wonderful and I will recommend your site to friends. My next rug I will buy at your place.
All the best,

Name of the rug: Pebbles Orchard 8x10 Hello Dave,Kensington Paprika
I received the rug today and as you would say "it's a keeper".
Thank you for taking such good care of me.  I look forward to more purchases in the future.

Name of the rug: Kensington Paprika 8x10

Val & I can't get over your personal service!Eva H Lemon Balm
We thank you very much.
I must say that I have been very impressed with all your efforts to help us with this carpet.
It says much about Tufenkian Company as well as yourself.
Best Regards,

Name of the rug: Eva H Lemon Balm 8x10

Thanks so very much, David. I very much appreciate the caliber of customer service shown to me this Christmas eve.

Best, Lise

You know we've been corresponding for months about a rug for my room and I have to say

that I was going crazy trying rugs from other sources and with this Tufenkian rug I feel like
I restored faith in my abilities to discern color and pattern. Thank you!

The rug arrived and I am very happy with it. . . .  it's perfect for the room. I'm sending you a
photo of the room and the photo that your graphic artist did, (can you tell which is which?).
Amazingly similar!

Philadelphia, PA

Name of the rug: Donegal Branches #373 8x10

I buy a lot of stuff online, and I've been looking at other carpets sites, but this is the best
customer service I ever had.

Annapolis, MD  

Name of the rug:Tumbledown Butterscotch

Derrek, Testimonial_Persian_Branches

I'd like to weigh in for a minute to thank you in particular, and your firm in general. Over
the past several years I appear to have lost my direction. After just a couple of orders from
your company both in my name and under my firms name - all perfectly executed, I found
my self using ABC carpets, Stark, and others. Without fail, items were improperly shipped,
shipped late, or in one project not shipped at all.

No longer:
Your professionalism, follow through, and recommendations were such a help. I never felt I was dealing with an "order taker", disinterested in what I was attempting to accomplish.

The carpet did arrive in nothing less than remarkable time. It's terrific for the area I'm working with, and your description of the nuanced secondary colors were spot on. Again, I'm impressed with the extra knowledge you bring to a purchase.

Man is this note a bit formal.......I guess what I'm trying to say to you in particular is how much I appreciate your interest and time put into doing a helluva lot more than "selling" carpets.

Additionally, I look forward to a continued working relationship with Tufenkian.

Thanks so much. My life's busy. Not having to worry about every item, every vendor allows for more
time for creative thinking versus tracking commitments made me realize the value of service.

Kyle M.
Interior Designer
Washington, DC

Name of the rug: Persian Branches #203A 8 X 10

Hi Dave- Testimonial _Navereh
First, thank you so much for all of your customer service, you are top notch.
The information you sent on the 8 x 10' rugs was so helpful.

Sharon, Montana

Name of the rug: Navereh #AB21 8x10

Hi Dave, I been buying your Rugs almost twenty years, and I use your Rugs in most Rag Weave Lime Zest
of my Taiwan projects.


WC, Taiwan

Name of the rugs: Rag Weave Lime Zest 6x9 & Chrysanthemum Pumpkin 6x9 Chrysantemum Pumpkin

Thank you so much. We are quite delighted customers!! Tempo Stone

Vanessa C.
San Francisco, CA

Name of the rug: Tempo Stone 4x6

Hi Dave, Thank you for checking on me. I love the rug! Color and pattern just what I was Cathleen-testimonial
hoping for. I'm thinking of ordering a second rug, different pattern, for family room. This
rug matches my dining chairs well!

Cathleen, California

Name of the rug: Tibetan (Shakti) Stock Rug With Up To 30% Silk 6x9

Hi Derek, I LOVE the rug and It is absolutely perfect! Thanks for all your help in the Jozan_Medit
selection process. It was great to be able to visualize the rug in our home via the photo
on the computer and finally with the test drive. I hope to be able to make another
purchase for our dining room in the near future!


Diane Petek
Medina, OH

Name of the rug: Jozan Mediterranean 5x7

Hi Dave,
The Blue/Taupe Raffia is a wonderful fit for us and we love it!! We are so happy to have it! Raffia_Blue_Taupe
Thank you for all your correspondence and photos related to this,

Best wishes,

Maggie, Florida

Name of the rug: Raffia Blue Taupe 8x10

“now that’s the kind of service I expect from a high class organization, David, Chenille Cliff
you’re a Prince.”

Mike, Illinois
Name of the rug: Chenille Cliff 3x5

We really enjoy the two Zebra rugs that we bought from you a while back.

I'm so excited, I just can't stand it!!!!!
Oh, what a happy day - you're wonderful Dave - thank you!!!!

John & Christine

Name of the rug: Zebra Tan/Black 6x9 and 9x12

Hi Dave, Just want to let you know I am so pleased with the rug and runner. I am so TOTAL ECLIPSE ORCHARD
happy to have found your website. Now I don't have to travel to NYC or PHL to purchase
rugs. You will be hearing from me soon, once I decide which rugs I like best.
I just love Tufenkian rugs!!
Have a great day.

Best regards,


Name of the rug: Total Eclipse Orchard 6x9 and 3x12

Love, love, love the rug. I wouldn't send it back if my life depended on it. It is perfect. Rib Moss
Thanks for your help Derrek!

Lori S.
Cleveland, OH

Name of the rug : Rib Moss 6x9

Dave, Mix Tan
Got it all set up last night. Have to say, it is much darker of a beige/tan than the photos
look on the website. That being said, it works very well with the floors, furniture, and overall room. We will be very happy with the rug. Thank you for your help along the way.

Jordan, Texas
Name of the rug : CL14 Primitive Mix Tan #A39 9x12

The rug is a keeper... It really looks great in the space. Zebra Tan-Black

Pat, Massachussetts

Name of the rug : Zebra Tan/Black 8x10

I am amazed to report that I wound up purchasing the most beautiful 10x14 area rug over Avory
the Internet! It started while casually browsing resources to find the style and quality I was hoping to find. I fully expected to go to a store to make this purchase. After browsing this site many times, I became very curious as to how this process would work, sight unseen, to get a sense of the color/pattern. After reading Tufenkian's customer service procedures and policies, I decided to call and get more information. Luckily, I met my new Best Friend Derrek. I had many questions and concerns about color, texture, quality, etc. Derrek was able to completely assured me there was a way to successfully complete this process. Every step of the way, from receiving the samples to the completion of the sale, the service and attention to detail / urgency was there. This goes down as one of the "Best" customer service experiences I have ever had! Thank you Derrek for your patiencethrough the whole process. You live up to the outstanding customer service mission of the company. As you can see, Avery is definitely enjoying the new rug.

Barb R.
Glen Ellyn, IL

Name of the rug: Lotus & Vine Grey Pearl 10x14

Dave, Once again, thanks for all the help and the patience. It's been a great customer Rag Weave Thach

Ed, Massachussetts

Name of the rug: Rag Weave Thatch 8x10

Well Derrek you guys have done it again! We absolutely love the rug … Bamboo forest Golden
We like it so much so that we are re-designing around it, getting rid of the furniture we
thought we might use in that room and seeking pieces that are better complements.
Another great successful Tufenkian addition.
Thanks again

Marty, Virginia

Name of the rug: Bamboo Forest Golden 9x12

Hi Dave,
I received my rug today and it's gorgeous. Since I have six other Tufenkian rugs I wasn't Big_Donegal_98
worried about anything but the colors being different from the pictures... but the colors are
exactly what I was looking for and everything is good.
So, there will be no return. Your customer service is exceptional and I love your rugs.
Thanks so much.

Janice, Florida

Name of the rug: Big Donegal #98 8 x10

Dave, I wanted to tell you that the rug is just perfect, it looks just terrific! Thank you for lillypad
being so prompt and professional with us - thank you so much, we love it. . . we are just
t hrilled!

Ellen, Chicago

Name of the rug: Floral Cascade Lillypad 12x16

Thank you. When everything is in place we will be happy to send pictures. We are all about birchwood
history here, in fact our artwork is going to be enlarged and enhanced photographs of historic Palmyra. We have a nice mix of new and old in our building. The building is now 30 years old and was originally built for this Bank by the owner whose family still owns and participates in running the Bank. Thank you again, we will certainly recommend you to anyone we can.

Laine, Missouri

Name of the rug: W averley Birchwood 10x14

80 Square Autumn Dave, The rug is beautiful. Beyond our highest expectations. We love it!

Jayne, Washington State

Name of the rug : 80 Square Autumn 8x10

Dave, the rug is beautiful! Thanks for your help. It is rare to get great service these days.

Mary Helen, Louisiana

Hello Dave,
You are so helpful! The pictures did the trick. The Cloudband rug is much darker and
grayer than I could use; online it translates as more of a blue-green. All things considered, I will keep the Iceberg since it picks up many of the colors in my décor. Your personal touch has made this a most pleasant shopping experience.

Thanks so much,

Bobbie, Virginia

Name of the rug : 12 Square Iceberg 3x5

Cinnabar_Amethyst . . . I have recently bought two rugs from Tufenkian outlet, an 8x10 Mahal Coral/Moss and a 10X14 Cinnabar Amethyst. I have known of and admired Tufenkian rugs for years. So the beauty and quality of the rugs came as no surprise. I am so in love with them. And of course, it was important to me to buy from a company like Tufenkian, that is so compassionate and ethical in the treatment of employees and responsible with regard to impact on the environment.
What did come as a very pleasant surprise to me, however, is the phenomenal service from an on-line outlet. Derrek guided me through every step of the selection, delivery, repair of the Mahal, etc. For a couple of weeks, we communicated at least once a day. He always responded to each of my requests promptly and congenially. His obvious expertise and professionalism made me feel more confident about making such major purchases on-line. He is truly a delight to deal with. I couldn't be happier with my shopping experience at Tufenkian.

Yours, Kisa

Name of the rug: Cinnabar Amethyst Sheared 10x14

Hi David, Thank-you for your help over the last couple years keeping this beautiful rug on

my radar and budget. I'm very happy with my new rug :-)
- Gina

Name of the rug: Flower Power #352A 8x10

new_star_floral_276 Dear Dave,
I received the rug and I'd like to congratulate you for the manner at which you conducted this transaction. The service I received prior to purchasing the rug was excellent and the rug exceeded all my expectations. My father is interested in purchasing a few rugs too. I'll let you know which ones.
Thanks, keep up the good work!
Washington, D.C.

Name of the rug: New Star Floral #276

Donegal Hi Dave,
The Carpet arrived and is just perfect. It coordinates very well with the other carpet we have of yours. Thanks for your help with this. We're happy customers!

Nancy, Montana
Name of the rug: Donegal 334 8x10

Round-Palmette_yellow Hello Derrek,

Thank you for all your help and for your patience. The pom samples that you provided were essential in ensuring that the colors were right in the space. Round rugs are not easy to find, but thanks to you, we found the perfect one for our client’s vacation home.

Lisa D. (Winnipeg, MB. Canada)
Courtesy of Glénat Duxbury Interior design
Name of the rug: Palmette Pale Yellow, Round 9x9

Twilight-V-Blaze Hi Dave… Now that my living room reupholstered sofa and furnishings have finally arrived I finally laid out the carpet and as you can see it came out beautifully. The color blends so well with the sofa, pillow etc even my designer was surprised…I want to thank you again for your excellent customer service. . . thanks again for the service.
Happy in Philly!

George, Pennsylvania
Name of the rug: Twilight V Blaze 8x10

Kashkuli Hi Dave,
We love, love, love, love, love this rug. Incredibly beautiful, perfect for the space, very soft on the bare feet. We just keep staring at it, like a couple of kids. Thank you so much for all your help and general laid-backness. Always appreciated here on the East Coast...

Elaine, New York
Name of the rug: Kashkuli 4.11x6.03

Lattice Avocado I am so happy with my rug----and so impressed with Derrek's warmth and personal style.
His color advice was impeccable and he graciously helped navigate me through an otherwise intimidating process of purchasing a rug online. I am delighted with my purchase and the wonderful and personalized attention that accompanied its purchase.
Thanks again, Derrek!

Maura, Massachussetts
Name of the rug: Lattice Avocado 6x9

Zebra Ivory/tan 9x12 Derrek,

having a rug like this one, once in a lifetime, if they're lucky. Thank you so so much for all your help with this.

Debra, New York
Name of the rug: Zebra Ivory/tan 9x12


Derrek: Just wanted to send a quick note reiterating how pleased we are -not only with the rug, but with the truly exceptional customer service you provided. I've been spreading the word about what a fabulous experience we had!(And, of course, the beauty of the rug speaks for itself.) Many referrals coming your way, count on it!

All best to you,
Leslie, Minnesota
Name of rug: Cinnabar Candlelight


Derrek - thank you for great customer service - it worked great and matched great - so yes I will be keeping it!!! … Again thanks for the follow up and successful test drive!!!

Karen, Massachusetts

Hi Derrek,
I hope you are doing well. We now have the two Ven Gravels laid down and the furniture in place, and everything looks awesome! Thanks again for all your help in getting us these rugs.

Renee, California

Hey Derrek:
I received the yarn samples. Thanks. They matched up with the carpet we have perfectly…. You have been so great helping us make the right choices for our order. Thanks for all your help!

Mike, Oregon

Thank you for the follow up email. Desiree loved all the rugs!...Thank you again for all your attention to detail and help in the showroom. It's is very much appreciated.

Brooke, Oregon

Soft Spot 400C

Derrick, We love it!! it is beautiful. We will be keeping the rug. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Carrie, New Jersey
Name of rug Soft Spot 400C


Actual size of rug is 33 ½” x 142 1/8”. The rug is beautiful and the quality is exceptional. Thank-you, Dave. Your products are great!

Doc Gelso, California



Name of rug: FLECKS GOLD

Thank you for all the information. I'm keeping this rug and will be on the lookout for other beautiful and affordable rugs. You are not at all like some pushy rug merchants I have met. My pooch loves it too for relaxing with a rawhide stick. There must be smilies on this new phone just haven't found yet.

Marilyn, California


"I love it and I won't give it back!! I am, once again, thrilled with the quality and beauty of my Tufenkian purchase. Thank you for you help."

Eileen, New York

SKU: LAMA347/3130810
View Cosmos Golen Coral

Andrew, I wanted you to see the rug in our space. The sun is at it's brightest now and our drapes aren't up yet, but you'll get the idea. :-)

Kim, Illinois

The rug shown is Cosmos Bluemist 9x12 in the Modern rug channel.
*Note: The wrinkles in the rug are from shipping. It may take a day or two for gravity to flatten the rug completely.

Andrew, You have made this entire project so easy (and inexpensive). Thank you for all your help. The home will be featured in the Summer issue of "Mountain Homestyle". I'll send it over when it comes out.

-Valarie, CO

The area carpet shown is Flores Black 10x14 in the Designer rug section.

Julfa Garnet 9x12

"I never would have thought these two rugs would go together... I'm am so pleased!"

- Linda, OR

The rug show is Julfa Garnet 9x12 in the Traditional Arts and Crafts channel

"Awesome. The rug looks great!"

Ruth, MD

Rugs are sold out, but similar design is S-162 in the Modern Rugs channel.

"The rugs are perfect... the Test Drive is a wonderful way to do this. Thank you for all your help!"

Sylvia, WY

Rugs are sold out, but similar design is Bidjar

Rag Weave

"Andrew, The quality of these rugs are amazing! I couldn't be more pleased!!!"

-Sandy C. Oregon

Rug shown is sold out, but similar design is Rag Weave & Kensington


Andrew, the colors are spot on. The extra photos you sent over first really did the trick. This is exactly what we were looking for. Thanks for all your help, we'll be in touch again next year.

-Ellen, OR

Rugs are sold out, but similar design is Waltz

Raffia Blue Taupe 9x12

Andrew, The raffia rug is Wonderful!! Thank you

Maggie, FL

Though we do not have a room shot of this rug from the client, here is the rug in question: Raffia Blue Taupe 9x12

Arts and Crafts 10x14 rugs

Andrew, The high resolution photos you sent were so helpful! Thanks for all your assistance

-Joe H., CA

Rugs are sold out, but check out our other Arts and Crafts 10x14 rugs

"Perfect Fits!!! All around. Thank you for your exceptional service Andrew"

Donna, OR

This client bought:
Alik Tamarind 9x12 -(Sold out. Available in 3x5 as 2-07-2011)
Rag Weave T224 8x10 -(Browse multiple color variations and sizes of Rag Weave rugs)
Tingpa Nickle Blue 9x12 -(Browse multiple color variations and sizes of Tinga design)

Sidemoves Grove Tufenkian Carpet Dave, Sidemoves Grove Tufenkian Carpet

Sidemoves Grove (designed by Barbara Barry) looks great….like it was made for the room! Thanks again for all your help

Kurt, Tucson, AZ

Name of the rug: Sidemoves Grove 8x10 .


Thank you for your time, especially explaining the construction of your rugs. I did get a Tufenkian rug, but not the inverness. I purchased your Marash Brazil and it looks wonderful in my living room


The rug [Lama solid mahogany] came today and we just pulled it upstairs, one stair at a time, and placed it on our bedroom floor.

All we can say is we're speechless! It is perfect, beyond awesome, and as my husband, John, said, "equal to the best work of art that we have (which is beyond a compliment)". All three rugs from Tufenkian have changed our lives for the better. This one pushed us over the top!

We will try to send you pictures, but they just won't do it justice--big room, tall ceilings, very large rug---hard to capture with a digital camera.

We plan to purchase a rug pad for it. Any recommendations?

Any way, we are eternally thankful to Tufenkian for changing our lives. Here's to luxurious beauty. And we are total addicts (continue to see what you're up to).

Thank you!!!

-Laura & John, Illinois (Dec 2010)

Dots Placed  area rug

Dear Andrew,

The carpet arrived yesterday and it IS wonderful, just as you predicted and I suspected!

We love it and it works perfectly.

-Leslie, CA

Dots Placed  area rug

Andrew, It’s a keeper! Everything looks great. You’ve been terrific to work with, and I’m sad that I’ve run out of floors!

- Roberta

The rug seen above is Dots Placed. Unfortunately, this rug is SOLD OUT, however there are variations still available. Click here to see other colorways.

Andrew, I wanted to thank you for all of your help in getting us our beautiful new rug! It looks great.

Kathy, Canada

On The Dot Grain 8x10 carpet

Hot house terra area rug

Hi Andy. I just wanted to let you know that the rug came and it is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! You wouldn't believe how well it goes in my family room - the colors and size are perfect. It makes such a warm, interesting, fun statement. I wish my digital camera weren't broken so I could send you a picture. This is just the best rug I could have picked for this space. I love it!

Mary, Illinois

Hot House Terra - Modern Area Rug

Dear Dave,
Rug arrived and looks wonderful - good colors and nice compliment to the other rug. So we will keep it. Have a good weekend.

- Lindsey

Wonderful, David,

All six carpets arrived and the quality of the weaving and coloration is what we had hoped for. With the six large carpets we bought for our New York apartment, I imagine we would now be considered part of the Tufenkian family! Your expert and timely advice reassured my purchasing over the internet. Altogether, a satisfying experience and a special pleasure for the holidays. Many, many thanks.

- Kind regards. Amy

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the update, I'm excited to see them in person. Many thanks to you for your patience and help through this whole process.

Cheers, Kelly

Hi Dave,

The rug arrived today. It’s beautiful. Thanks so much for your continued help, patience, and advice.

- Arna

Hi Dave,

Rug looks good in our house---it's a keeper.

Thanks for your help.

-Name withheld.


Thank you for your guidance. The rug is GREAT! It is more that we expected. Have Great Week.

- Best Regards, Paul


The carpet was delivered a few minutes ago. Thank you!!!! Do you have booklet or materials on your website that will guide us through the proper care and treatment of our rugs? Have a nice weekend. You certainly have helped to make ours a great one!

- Name withheld.


Thanks you so VERY, VERY much! The rug arrived today. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. The colors, design, quality, etc. are all perfect. We will definitely be keeping it. We appreciate all your help and great service!!!!

Barb and Larry


I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how delighted our client is with the rug! It was a real pleasure working with you and I am looking forward to working with you again. Thank you!

- Julie


Considering we have not met, you certainly know my taste. I love all those rugs.

- Phyllis

Hi Andrew,

The rug arrived yesterday and we LOVE it!! We are now looking at some of your 9 x 12 and 10 x 14 to see if there is another one that we would like for the living room. Thanks.

- Pam


Thank you for your expert help in selling me something I really wanted - the Tufenkian runner arrived today and I enclose pictures of its debut.

From these, I can see I need to trim the pad a bit, but overall it is perfect!

Why a gold star? You answered the phone and acted like you wanted to do business with me (not the case in San Francisco or Los Angeles). You helped me refine my choices, and when we arrived at a good decision for price and style, sent further pictures of the sample carpet on the floor. Everything you promised you delivered. I am throwing away the UPS wrapper tonight because: "it's a wrap!"

Thank you again, Sandy

French Tulip - This color way is sold out, but click here for more.

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